Winter Driving Tips

November means cooler weather, seeing family, and lots and lots of shopping, food, and events. In Arizona, November also means tons of visitors from cold-weather states. We all know that our streets get crazy busy during the winter here. Just to put it into perspective for you, the peak date for all car accidents in 2013 in Arizona last year was November 22, with a whopping 737 crashes! during Thanksgiving weekend 2013, 13 people were killed in fatal car accidents here in Arizona. That’s definitely one way to put a horrible damper on your Thanksgiving festivities. Here are two little tips to keep you safe during the busy season here.

1) Be a weekend warrior:

Statistically, the peak day of the week for all crashes is Friday, with Saturday being the peak day for all fatal crashes in 2013. Steer clear of driving in congested areas on these days if possible, and take extra care when driving on these days if driving is necessary. 

2) Watch your rear:

The most common manner of collisions in Arizona is in the form of rear ending, so take extra precautions when driving behind another vehicle. Make sure that you are driving the same speed or slower than the vehicle in front of you, and give yourself enough room to come to a sudden complete stop if necessary. The rule of thumb is to stay at least two seconds behind the car in front of you. 

Don’t put any dampers on your Thanksgiving by getting involved in a car accident. Make sure to take extra precautions this month, as we will be getting and influx of visitors, and more and more people will be out shopping and running errands for the events of the holidays. 

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