October – Scariest Time To Drive!

October in Arizona can be scary, and it’s not just about Halloween!

October can be an incredibly fun month in Arizona. The weather’s gorgeous providing for some beautiful golfing and hiking as well as patio dining at many of the states fine restaurants. Football season is in full swing, giving virtually everyone something to cheer for on the weekends whether you’re an ASU, UofA, NAU or Cardinals fan. There’s also the culmination of the month, Halloween, which provides endless opportunities for social media postings of adorable kids dressed up as their favorite ghouls, goblins or super heroes.

As fun as this month is, October can be a very scary month as well. No, we’re not talking about the plethora of haunted houses or the blood splatter fest at your local cineplex. Surprisingly, October has the biggest incidence of car accidents in Arizona of any month throughout the year according to ADOT ‘s 2013 Motor Vehicle Crash Facts Report. 

ADOT reports in 2013 October saw the peak of  vehicular related accidents over the year. Saturday took the peak day of the week and at no surprise most accidents occurred between the hours of 5pm-6pm.

As such, Legends Collision Center recommends that Arizona drivers be aware of this fact and be super careful on the road in the coming month. After all, our first priority is that our customers get home happy and safe (so they can thoroughly enjoy all this wonderful state has to offer year round.)

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